We  have regular promotions and  specials on all our Premium Dog Food so be sure to keep checking our website for promotions.

Eukanuba Dry Dog Food, Torquay, Pet Stock, Pet Food


Whilst we have regular specials on offer for our customers, our prices are ALWAYS 10% under Recommended Retail!

We have a huge wall of Eukanuba Dog and Cat food, see our list here  

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Iams, Iams Cat Food, Iams Dog Food, Pet Food Torquay, Pet Stock Iams


Our normal price on Iams is always 10% under the Recommended Retail Price.

Check in for regular specials on Cat and Dog Food for Iams.

See our List by clicking below

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Royal Canin, Dry Dog Food Torquay, Pet Supplies, Pet Stock, Torquay

Royal Canin

Our fastest growing Premium Brand in 2015 for dogs and cats, yet we still always sell it 10% below recommended retail. Royal Canin also offer regular specials so please check the website or come in store for updates.

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Advance, Advance Dog Food, Advance Food Torquay, Pet Stock, Pet Supplies Torquay


          ON SPECIAL



        3KG CAT FOOD.


          ENDS 30tH JUNE 2016

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